Content Creative

Can you explain your product to a four year old? We can.

Creative content ideation, concept and script development for all media channels.

We specialise in tactical creative executions, working directly with brands to develop new concepts or with their agencies to extend existing creative routes beyond the big TV spot. Our creatives are a mix of experienced advertising industry copywriters, art directors and younger hybrid creatives who often write, direct and edit work themselves to fulfil fast paced content calendars.

Recognising the Hero, Hub, Hygiene content type separation, we place different creative teams and work in different ways depending on the brief, budget and purpose of the content or asset we are working on.


Functional content like how-to videos, basic product photography and social media assets to feed Instagram are an everyday staple of the modern, always-on content strategy. 

We make use of our in-house studios, camera crews, edit suites and visual effects workstations to respond to clients everyday content demands going from concept to camera to customer in a matter of hours… or even live using Live-stream technology.


It might not need to be for TV, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be properly crafted. Our teams create digital display   advertising, photographic imagery, short form and long form branded content that lives online and on mobile devices to inspire, engage and inform audiences. We often work to tight budgets and time-scales, but always with high production values and strong direction.


We write, develop and produce Press, Digital, TV, Cinema and high value social content for advertisers and broadcasters.  

We work with a wide roster of directors that shoot internationally with some of the world’s most iconic talent.

The difference between CreativeDrive EMEA and an advertising agency is that we typically do it on-demand (rather than under fee) which our clients seem to like.

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