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Digital asset management, project management, creative review and reporting.

Are you getting the most out of your asset management system?

With the ever-rising volume of marketing content being produced and localised comes the responsibility to manage, store, tag, share and implement it effectively. There are more agencies on the roster than ever before, with different roles but often a common need. Rather than duplicate production of content, if you manage and share it correctly you maximize the investment in creating core suites of assets.

Having an asset management system is not the whole solution, you need the right skills and services around it to make it a success.

Whether using systems we implement, or working with an incumbent system, our specialist teams support the configuration, launch (or re-launch), training and promotion of asset libraries.

Our content managers go on to fill the critical role of liaising with all agencies, client teams and content producers to ensure assets are received and checked, usage rights are properly managed and that the right materials are made available to use.

The value and control this creates is significant and is enjoyed by all parties – marketers, agencies and other production partners.


The systems and services we provide in the production and storage of content result in a vast amount of assets and data being generated.

To make sure that the investment in production is truly leveraged we provide librarianship services, with our  teams  of  librarians logging, tagging, and quality checking assets (whether we make them or not) into the systems.


Local teams, trade partners and other users of the core asset suite will only know about the arrival of new content, or  which assets are performing best if the information is gathered and shared effectively.

Our librarians ensure that this happens, working on client site or at our locations to promote the content created centrally, or from other local teams – working in this way ensures that any asset can be shared and reused safe in the  knowledge that technically it is suitable and that use rights are covered.


Which markets can I use it? In which media channels? For what length of time? Who made it? Where was it made? …Shall I just remake it?

Our librarians are guardians of the assets we hold, which places them well to negotiate, renew or guide users on usage rights. We work into all markets liaising with agents and payroll companies to ensure rights usages and residuals are correctly managed.

Our rights manage systems also support this process to ensure that users know if they can use assets for the region or media channel they want to run in, or when they might expire.



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